Welcome to my photograph gallery.

My name is Adie Turford - husband, father of two, postman, marathon runner, cyclist and keen photographer. I started with photographing my family, wildlife and flora and fauna. More recently, I have combined my love of sport with photography.

Please browse the gallery and contact me if you are interested in booking me for your upcoming event.



Macneils Smokehouse
(Contains 133 photos)
Product shots for Macneils website
(Contains 7 photos)
Bage Wedding
(Contains 221 photos)
(Contains 86 photos)
This gallery contains some sample portraits.

I now am in the position to offer portrait sessions, please feel free to contact me for more details
Beeston Promotional Images
(Contains 16 photos)
Set up and timing
(Contains 58 photos)
TT bikes
(Contains 7 photos)
Paul Kirk 2017
(Contains 703 photos)
Free downloads as part of your entry.

Some appear dark due to the flat light message me via adiesphotography@gmail.com and i will process any free of charge.

Apologies if I missed any one, I can look through again if you let me know where you were.

2 locations all in order of riders appearing
Cyclesense Tadcaster Sportive 2017
(Contains 1368 photos)
Pictures from this cracking sportive available here. Free downloads as part of your entry

Apologies if I missed anyone, tricky sometimes when groups come through.

2 locations all posted in order of coming past me.

I can do some small editing if requested.....ie cropping other riders out

Feel free to email any queries to me via adiesphotography@gmail.com
Fast and Flat 17
(Contains 1219 photos)
Images from this popular event. Free downloads as per normal.

All images are in order of being shot.

I can provide minor edits if required, ie slight cropping etc
Run Samples
(Contains 13 photos)
Kellington School
(Contains 71 photos)